Today I resolved to write a better book.

I spent the day researching plot, writing on outline (I despise outlines, but it seemed like such a good idea at the time!  Although in hindsight I suspect I was procrastinating.  At least it was productive procrastination.  Anyway…) and trying to figure out exactly where to chop and cut into my first draft.  When I finished the draft I felt satisfied, and I still do, because it was an accomplishment.  I managed to string together many dissimilar words, with some frustrating unconscious repetition I plan to rectify, and actually finish something!  It may be hideous, but there are the bones of an exciting world hidden in it.  I need to harness all that energy and remember how much fun it was to write it in the first place.

At first, thinking about all the work required to keep going, I wanted to just paint something instead.  Painting is nice and safe.  Relaxing.  But, I promised myself I would learn this arcane art and I refuse to quit.  I can do it!

Now, to stop wasting time and get to work!


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